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Power Electronics Engineers

Role & Responsibilities

    • Must have experience in design and selection of semiconductor parts, its cooling mechanism, passive components, protection circuits, sensing circuits, AC-AC, AC-DC, DC-DC, motor driver/Controller, Battery Management Solutions, LED drivers & Various Power products.
    • Should have Experience in design and development of Power electronics components like converter, inverter modules, Filter circuit, and battery charger based on the requirements.
    •  Experience in developing electrical components Temperature sensors, actuators, solenoids, motors, Drives, batteries, Contactors and knowledge of Analog circuits, Protection circuits, and Controller hardware is an advantage.
    •  Experience in magnetic design and selection of MOSFETs, IGBTs and SCRs for high power application.
    • Develop and verify digital and analog power electronics control hardware.
    •  Design and Develop Power converters/ Inverters for Variable Frequency Drives (VFD) and Harmonics solutions.
    •  Must have experience with electrical drives development cycle.
    •  Experience with circuit simulation tools like Matlab, PSIM or LTspice.
    •  Must have understanding on PCB artwork layout design with voltage range 1kV functional.
    •  Familiarity with typical safety norms requirements for Power Converter Systems.
    •  Understanding on Hardware-Mechanical interface & Hardware-Software interface.
    •  Must have understanding on fundamental analytical equations & design for Inductors & Transformers.
    •  Understanding on converter controls specification & design.
    •  Experience in Using CRO, Frequency Meters, Signal Generators and Power supply, Data logger, E loads etc.


    • We are seeking candidates with 2+ year of experience
    • Applicants should hold a B.Tech/M.Tech in Electronics & Communicaton/Electrical 

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