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Auto Product Dispensing Machine

Auto Product Dispensing Machine (A-Frame)

The ETHICS’s Infotech's A-Frame Dispenser is a versatile and efficient automated order fulfillment system that reduces labor and cost for high volume split case orders. Its innovative design features channels on both sides for product storage, each equipped with a 24-volt DC electric dispenser to eject items onto the conveyor or into totes and shipping containers.

Our auto product dispensing machine has visibility to every order coming into the system and automatically adjusts the conveyor speed to accommodate the number of SKUs and their quantity. Likewise, because the totes and containers control dispensed inventory very well, orders can be as close as 1/2″ inch apart. Choose from four models of the A-Frame Dispenser - Pick-to-Tote, Pick-to-Belt, Pick-to-Shipping-Container, and Mobile-Matic Portable - to best suit your distribution needs.


Benefits of A frame Machine

A Frame Machine

Fully Automated And Program-Driven A-Frame Picking System

Is your warehouse, distribution center, or order fulfillment facility dealing with growing labor costs or an unreliable supply of workers? Are your production requirements escalating to levels that exceed your staff's ability to handle within a given shift? This is a significant issue for any firm that, if not addressed, may jeopardize your ability to expand and profit.

For certain operations, installing an automated dispensing system using the A-Frame could be a great way to address the issues mentioned in the previous paragraph.

An A-Frame automated dispenser is a computerized device that allows high-speed order fulfillment. The name derives because when seen at the top, the device appears to be a recognizable capitalized "A."

Its main feature comprises shelves arranged in multiple levels that maximize storage space while preserving floor space. Vertical shelving is ideal for warehouses or distribution centers with limited floor space for storage or retrieval purposes.

Along with its advanced features, A-frame machines are designed to be durable and reliable in demanding warehouse environments. Crafted with top-of-the-line materials to exacting quality standards, these A-frame machines can withstand continuous operation while remaining optimally efficient - providing a great return on investment! Here are some other benefits of this type of equipment.

The ETHICS Infotech A-frame machine is a cutting-edge automated ordering system specifically designed to meet the increasing business requirements of warehouse order fulfillment. The fully automated system permits the simultaneous distribution of large quantities of swiftly moving orders and is an excellent solution for individual shoppers and retailers. With the A-Frame, you will be able to improve the efficiency of your order fulfillment improve efficiency and cut down on labor costs.

Overall, our A-frame machine offers a substantial breakthrough in warehouse automation technology, offering unrivaled efficiency, accuracy, and scalability to modern logistics operations. Regarding packing and picking operations and order fulfillment, our A-Frame machine is a cost-effective solution that optimizes warehouse operations and increases productivity.

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