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Marketing Manager


    ·        Bachelor's degree in Hospitality Management, Business Administration, or a related field (Master's degree preferred).

    ·        Proven experience in property management, contracting, or a related field, preferably in the hospitality or real estate industry.

    ·        Strong negotiation and communication skills, with the ability to build and maintain positive relationships with property owners and internal teams.

    ·        Analytical mindset with the ability to interpret market data and trends.

    ·        Detail-oriented with a focus on contract compliance and quality assurance.

    ·        Problem-solving skills to address homeowner and guest concerns effectively.

    ·        Proficiency in relevant software applications for reporting and communication.

    ·        Ability to work independently, manage multiple priorities, and adapt to changing market conditions.

Role & Responsibilities

    ·        Identify potential homestay properties in the market through various channels, such as online listings, referrals, and partnerships.

    ·        Conduct property assessments to evaluate suitability, quality, and compliance with company standards.

    ·        Negotiate and finalize contracts with property owners, ensuring mutually beneficial terms for both parties.

    ·        Build and maintain strong relationships with property owners, acting as the main point of contact for their needs and concerns.

    ·        Provide ongoing support and assistance to homeowners, addressing inquiries, resolving issues, and maintaining a positive partnership.

    ·        Ensure that homestay properties adhere to all legal, regulatory, and company-specific requirements.

    ·        Conduct periodic inspections to verify that properties meet quality and safety standards.

    ·        Monitor and enforce contract terms, including payment schedules, property maintenance, and guest accommodations.

    ·        Stay informed about market trends, competitor offerings, and guest preferences.

    ·        Use market insights to recommend pricing strategies and property improvements that align with customer demands.

    ·        Collaborate with the sales team to drive property acquisition targets and revenue goals.

    ·        Coordinate with the marketing team to promote homestay properties and engage potential guests.

    ·        Work closely with operations and customer service teams to ensure seamless guest experiences and prompt issue resolution.

    ·        Track and report on key performance indicators, such as occupancy rates, revenue generated, and property satisfaction ratings.

    ·        Provide regular updates to leadership on market developments, challenges, and opportunities.

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