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IT Executive

Role & Responsibilities


    ·         Troubleshoot network like LAN,WAN and VPN.

    ·         To Control breakdown's relented Hardware and Application issues.

    ·         To Manage proper functioning of all the software & windows.

    ·         To Manage all internal and External issues.

    ·         Taking Care of all Types of backup like User backup, Email Backup and important software Backup.

    ·         Prepare Daily Basis MIS reports.

    ·         Manage and troubleshoot NVR and Ip Camera.

    ·         Participating in new Development Software and Coordinating with IT Development Team.

    ·         Manage HHT(Bar Code Scanning) Device and Issues.

    ·         Manage IPBX and Extention Issue.

    ·         Assigning Tickets to IT Team Members for support on Remote.

    ·         Responsible for all type of Task, Whatever assigned by Management.


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