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Embedded Engineer


    • Electronics Fundamentls
    • Electronics Component 
    • microprocessor and microcontroller
    • development boards
    • communication protocols
    • Electronics Circuit understanding 
    • development languages
    • Electronics  Documentations 
    • Written and Verbal Communications

Role & Responsibilities

    • Candidate should have Knowledge of 32/16/8 bit micro controllers.
    •  Candidate should have knowledge of Micro controllers like 8051, AVR, PIC, Embedded C, serial communication.
    •  Candidate should have the knowledge Networking/communication protocols such as I2C, SPI, UART, TCP/IP etc.
    • Experience in interfacing GSM, GPS, Zigbee, LCD etc.
    •  Experienced in power consumption optimization of battery operated embedded device. 
    • Develop Board Support Packages, Embedded Applications and Embedded Libraries on ARM Cortex M0+, ARM Cortex M7, ARM A72.
    •  Supervisory experience and proven track record in embedded projects.
    •  Analysing & understanding project specifications
    •  Knowledge of Device Driver use /design
    •  Good experience in Embedded C and Assembly Language coding
    •  Ability to quickly adapt and learn new technologies
    •  Must have excellent verbal and written documentation skills with experience developing and presenting to other engineering team members.


    • We are seeking candidates with 4+ year of experience
    • Applicants should hold a B.Tech/M.Tech in Electronics & Communicaton/Electrical 

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