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Desktop Support Engineer

Role & Responsibilities

    •       Installs, configure and deploy server hardware and software, including operating systems, applications, and patches to support and maintain effective network service operations throughout the District.
    •     Supports, troubleshoots, repairs and maintains server issues and security for enterprise and large-scale applications.
    •       Provides Activity Directory Management assistance to District staff in managing user and computer accounts.
    •        Troubleshoots, reviews and resolves blocked websites; performs a variety of duties related to filter management
    •       Manages, deploys, configures, and maintains servers in a virtualized and traditional environment.
    •        Assists in creating scripts to monitor systems, diagnostics, resolve issues, and automate routine tasks.
    •        Provides support for device management including image development, mobile device management, application packaging and deployment.
    •         Configures systems for high availability including strategies for backup and recovery, failover, load balancing, and full redundancy.
    •       Installs server hardware and components such as disks, memory, and other components; models and tests changes to production systems.
    •        Analyzes and resolves issues, gathers information to identify needs, evaluates systems and network requirements, and Diagnoses and resolves complex software, server, and networking issues.
    •    Supports the District’s directory services infrastructure, including hardware configuration and upgrades, group architecture, account maintenance, and authentication for authentication and network access.

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