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Assembler Executive


    • Assembly skills
    • Electronics Component Knowledge 
    • Electronics troubleshooting
    • Cables and connectors knowledge
    • Basic electronics fundamentals
    • Electronics Soldring and Rework 
    • Electrical panel
    • Basic Microcontroller and microprocessor knowledge

Role & Responsibilities

    •  Should have good technical understanding of computer parts and its basic working
    • Should have basic knowledge and working of Hardware parts like RAM, SSD, Motherboard, and SMPS, WI-FI etc.
    • Candidate should have good communication skills.
    • Candidate should have a basic level of hardware troubleshooting in electronics hardware parts.
    • Basic knowledge of Microsoft Office, Microsoft excel, Microsoft power-point various Windows operating systems, Android OS and networking.
    • Experience in configuration, installation, training and support of hardware or software products.
    • Identified parts, following SOP, locating additional pieces
    • Assembled subassemblies such as POS, computer, development boards, custom hardware items, following specifications, burn test, diagnoses, and monitored operating procedures.
    • Assembled hardware (system) able to identify different color wires, tabs, and electronic components in order to put them together correctly.
    • Responsible for inspecting the final quality of the product, maintaining product specification.
    • Use manufacturing tools such as screwdrivers, and other hand tools to assemble various parts.
    • Basic knowledge of multimeter and use of multimeter.
    • Basic knowledge of electrical terminology like power, voltage, current etc.
    • Should have gone through some basic documentation process regards of stock inventory, manufacturing order in system etc.
    • Have possess knowledge in DC motor & AC motor and nature of supply.
    • Install various types of firmware and run diagnostics.


    •  We are seeking candidates with 1+ year of experience
    • Applicants should hold a Diploma/B.Tech in Electronics & Communicaton/Electrical/Mechatronics/IC/ITI

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